Have you ever considered volunteering for a charity or similar organisation?
We can help you!

We provide advice, guidance and introductions to get you started!

What is Voluntering?

Time is very often a most precious commodity. Volunteering is a commitment of time, enthusiasm and energy given freely for the benefit of others in the community and environment in which we live. It is made by choice and without regard for personal financial gain.

Volunteering can be for as little as two hours a week. Some charities may only require a monthly or even quarterly commitment.

Volunteering is suited to anyone with time to give to help others and who wishes to contribute to ‘making a real difference’. 

It is important to volunteer for an organisation that you are passionate about and believe in. This will enable you to explore your interests and discover potential new ones!

Benefits of Volunteering

Becoming a volunteer can be extremely rewarding and gives a sense of purpose. For instance, if you’re retired, unexpectedly unemployed or have lost a loved one, helping others can give your life new meaning. It also gives the feeling of satisfaction by helping others and making a difference. Volunteering can protect your mental and physical health, reduce stress, and combat depression. It also:

  • Provides opportunities to meet new people and make new friends
  • Allows you to give back to your community
  • Helps build a sense of purpose and community
  • Can teach you valuable job skills if you are thinking of changing direction in your career, and enables you to try out a new career without necessarily making a long-term commitment
  • Gives you the chance to have fun!

Ultimately, it gives the unmatched reward of a job well done!

How we can help you to become a volunteer:

We are a central point for anyone wishing to become a volunteer. You can make an appointment to talk to one of the volunteer coordinators at CIRCA.

When you come in to see us, we will have an informal chat about what sort of voluntary work you would like to do. If you are not sure we can offer suggestions and talk through the various voluntary opportunities that are available within charities on the Isle of Man. You are not under any obligation to proceed with your volunteering enquiries. However, if you are happy to proceed, we will then contact the organisation(s) that you have expressed an interest in and they, in turn, will get in touch with you.

We ask all prospective volunteers to complete a Volunteer Registration Form which gives us basic information about you.

At all times, the information you supply us is kept confidential and will only be released to the organisations that you are interested in, and then only with your permission.

If you would like to become a volunteer or would like to talk to someone about the opportunities that are available, please contact us. Even after your visit there is no obligation for you to get involved.

Check out our Facebook page for details of charities currently looking for Volunteers, or browse through our Charities Directory for ideas on the range of charities with whom volunteering may be possible.

Most Charities take up references, and if you wish to volunteer with children, or older or vulnerable people a police DBS check will be required. The final decision, as to whether you are accepted to become a volunteer, always rests with the charity or voluntary organisation.

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